Exterior Crack Repair is one Home Foundation Waterproofing Service in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding area

Exterior Crack Repair | Home Foundation Waterproofing Solution

An Exterior Crack Repair is a permanent solution and therefore it is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This solution is so effective that the Written Lifetime Warranty is transferable. The process of an exterior crack repair is as follow:

  • Utility locates are performed to ensure the entire procedure goes smoothly
  • The area surrounding the crack is then excavated down to the weeping tile
  • The crack is detected and further analyzed
  • The weeping tile is closely inspected to ensure it functions properly
  • The surface area surrounding the crack is cleaned and torched to remove all dirt and debris
  • An adhesive primer is rolled onto the affected area
  • Next, a rubber membrane is applied to cover the entire crack in the foundation
  • The seams of the membrane are then sealed with mastic to ensure the area is waterproofed
  • An Air-Gap Membrane is applied, which functions as a waterproofing shield and also relieves pressure
  • The air-gap membrane is sealed with non-permeable strips
  • Another layer of mastic is applied for further waterproofing
  • Drainage stone is added to cover the weeping tile and the foundation footing
  • The soil is restored to its original position and is compressed