Interior Crack Injection for Poured Concrete is part of Home Foundation Waterproofing Services  in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding area

Interior Crack Injection | Home Foundation Waterproofing Solution

An Interior Crack Injection is a permanent home foundation waterproofing solution and therefore it is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This solution is so effective that the Written Lifetime Warranty is transferable. The process of an injection is as follow:

  • The crack is detected and further analyzed
  • Surface ports are drilled within the crack at 3 to 6 inch intervals across the entire fissure
  • The crack is then cleaned using acidic water to ensure that all debris is removed, which allows the polyurethane to create a strong bond to the foundation
  • Injection ports are bound to all of the port openings previously drilled and cleaned
  • Injection nipples are screwed into the end of the ports
  • The polyurethane is inserted using a high pressure hydraulic injection gun
  • The injection starts with the lowest port to ensure that the entire foundation crack is filled up with polyurethane by the time the repair is complete
  • By starting with the lowest port, when the liquid starts flowing from the next port up we know that the entire confined space up to this point is completely filled
  • The high pressure ensures that the entire fissure is completely waterproof
  • The polyurethane expands up to 700x from the state in which is was injected over the course of 24 to 48 hours
  • The crack is then sealed with hydraulic waterproof cement to completely seal the previously leaking crack

Interior Crack Injection is the most efficient and least invasive home foundation waterproofing solution to a wet basement, in the absence of very expensive basement finishes. The combination of hydraulic waterproofing cement and polyurethane restores the monolithic structure of the foundation to its original conditions, being an excellent waterproofing method