Interior Drainage System for Concrete Block Foundation is a Home Foundation Waterproofing Service  in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding area

Internal Perimeter Drainage | Home Foundation Waterproofing Solution

An Internal Perimeter Drainage System is a permanent solution and therefore it is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This solution is so effective that the Written Lifetime Warranty is transferable. The process of setting up an interior drainage system is as follow:

  • We begin by cutting out a trench around the perimeter of the basement. The trench is approximately one to one and a half feet wide and just as deep
  • A 4” weeping tile is inserted inside the entire trench, which collects all of the water and moisture that comes through the foundation walls or from underneath the concrete floor and directs it to the sump pump. The weeping tile is connected to the sump pit. A weeping tile is more effective than a PVC pipe and it is also more cost efficient
  • An air-gap membrane is attached to the inside of the walls across the entire affected area. This membrane leads the water and moisture that seeps through the foundation wall down to the weeping tile
  • The sump pit is an excavated area that is approximately 3 feet deep into the basement floor, generally located in one of the corners of the basement depending on its floor plan
  • Once this area is excavated, the sump pit is wrapped with a filter cloth to prevent any dirt or debris from clogging the system
  • As soon as the filter cloth is in its place, the sump pump is then installed. It is one of the main components of this procedure, as its purpose is to discharge of all of the excess water that makes its way into the basement and therefore waterproofing it
  • The water is discharged through a pipe that connects the sump pump to the exterior of the home, at ground level
  • The cut out trench which made room for the weeping tile is then re-cemented thoroughly
  • All excess dirt and debris is removed and the entire area is cleaned up

The interior drainage system works in the following manner. All of the water that makes way through the foundation wall hits the air-gap membrane and runs down the interior of the wall to the 4” weeping tile. This tile then leads the water and moisture to the sump pump which discharges it by pumping it through a pipe to the outside of the home at ground level.